What to Bring

When it comes to plants, bring anything you think someone would want. Try to water the pots the night before so they’re moist but not wet when you haul them and trade them.

Again, bring anything you think someone would want. Try to have your seeds already packaged in labeled envelopes or containers.

Cuttings are absolutely welcome at the swap, just be sure they are fresh and have at least two nodes on them. Keep them wrapped in moist (not wet) paper towels in a ziploc bag in a cool place until you trade them. For some cuttings you may want to make a note of which end is the stem end (end closest to the mother plant) while trading them.

Bulbs, corms, rhizomes, etc.
Try to have your bulbs, corms and rhizomes dried and cleaned of most garden soil, but if you can’t, no biggie! Just put them in paper bags so they’re easier to handle.

Anything Garden Related

Feel free to bring whatever else you have to trade as long as it’s garden related; sculpture, honeycomb rock, books, pots, mulch, etc. Many things can be pre-traded through the forum.

Other Handy Items to Bring
Consider bringing printed descriptions and care instructions for your plants/seeds to hand out with them so you don’t have to explain each one to each recipient. This frees up lots more time for swapping and helps the new owner of your plant sort out everything when they get home.

Bring a few ziploc bags and paper towels to moisten and keep cuttings fresh and happy until you can get them home. A pen and paper to write down notes about your new plants and your new friends’ e-mail addresses are handy as well.

Bringing a table and a few chairs to hold all your plants for trade and the plants to receive. You can read more about this on our how swaps work page.

Boxes and a plant wagon are incredibly handy to carry your things there and to haul home your treasures!

Just A Few More Things to Consider
Bring your gardening friends, tell them to bring stuff to swap, too, so they can join in the fun. The more swap partners, the better! Spouses are welcome too, even if he or she isn’t really into gardening, who knows they may make friends with another non-gardening spouse. Or, better yet, they might just catch the gardening bug themselves!

A Few Things Not to Bring
Park rules prohibit any form of alcohol in the park.